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Messy eaters? Here is your solution. 
Big Bear and Little Birdie stocks these gorgeous stylish silicon bibs. They are prefect for messy eaters and they catch the scoops they don't quite make it into your little ones mouth. 


There are 8 gorgeous neutral colours to choose from, that will match all your bubs outfits when out and about. They are easy to wipe down and fold away after being used. Whether you're at a cafe, in the car on the run or out and about, these bibs will become your new best friend and keep your little ones outfits cleaner.  


⋒ BB&LB's Silicon Bibs are:
∴ Suitable for bubs ranging from 6-36months of age
∴ Dishwasher safe
∴ Made from food grade silicon


Happy shopping and explore. 

Big Bear and Little Birdie


Neutral Silicon Bibs

Bib Colour
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