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Licorice lover will go crazy over these polymer beaded lanyards! 


Whether it's in the office, hospital or school yard this bright licorice all sorts lanyard are funky and practical. If you have to carry a key or an ID card with you at work then why not carry it on something fun. 


These lanyards are made using handmade clay beads strung on a waxed nylon cord, fitted with a silver lobster clasp to connect your business essentials. 


The beads are approximately 2-2.5cm in diameter and the lanyard is light and comfortable so you can wear it all day long with your keys or ID card attached.


Each bead is carefully hand rolled and will therefore have slight variations in size, shape and finish, which ensures each piece is unique.


Hope you enjoy!

Licorice LOVERS Lanyard

SKU: 8
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