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Big Bear and Little Birdie's ISO COLLECTION will bring additional brightness and style to your day! These bright, geometric patterned circular earring are made with love using polymer clay. Perfect for wearing around the house, out for coffee with friends or EVERYDAY!


Each pair is light weight, unique and made with surgical steel findings for sensitive ears. 
The length is 3.5 cm width is 2.5 cm.


Choose from the 3 options below:
Friday - Bright Orange & Purple Earrings
Saturday - Blue Earrings
Funday - Green Earrings


These earrings are handmade and each pattern on each earring will differ. They are hand pressed, textured, cut and designed by us, so they sure are unique. The best thing about them is that not one pair is the same! No one else will have a pair just like yours.


Please be aware there may be slight imperfections in the clay, as this naturally occurs when working with this medium. This is the beauty of handmade products. 


The earrings are fragile, so please don't drop or bend your earrings. Store away from direct sunlight.


Hope you enjoy!


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